Saturday, October 23, 2010

rain & fall

This is the first cold, rainy autumn I've had in over 14 years. Its beautiful.

I meant to post an recap of my summer adventures with Anatomia at Faerieworlds this year (because yes! we did go!), but there are still so many photographs to process from that trip, that perhaps I will save it for another rainy evening later this week. Meanwhile, I'd like to share an interview I did with [Open Myth Source], talking about art, science, myth, magic, spirituality, and technology (some of my most favorite topics ever.) You can read the full interview here.

In line with the season, here are some things that I recently finished in part for Hunger Verlag, and in part for myself.

I've been so inspired by Paxton Gate since I've found it wandering through the Mission one day...I really think its one of my most favorite stores ever. I've been meaning to do mushroom illustrations for a while, but their collection of fungi prints & lithographs finally motivated me to draw my own.

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