Sunday, January 9, 2011

hello 2011

Hello world, hello blog, and hello 2011. A very happy New Year to all, and my warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, exciting venture into the new decade.

These past couple of months have been incredibly busy for me on so many levels - transitioning from the desert to the Bay Area has been full of expected and unexpected challenges, and a tremendous amount of growth. I've been trying hard to find a balance between working a regular job, pursuing freelance work, keeping on track with personal projects, and simply living, which isn't a dance I've quite mastered at this point, but do believe that I'm moving in the right direction.

I have quite a few exciting projects in mind for 2011 (ok, when do I NOT?!), including co-creating a blog devoted to Russian/Soviet culture, art, animation, etc with my dear friend the Suz, adding some new things to my rather stagnant Etsy shop, creating a new business card & promo package for myself, and another horned mystery beast of an endeavor that will be spoken of at a later date.

One of my goals this year is to not let my internet-self lag with the actual going-ons of my real life, so I will be posting more regularly here, if only for my own sanity. Perhaps I will even get into the habit of commenting on the posts of others, for despite my rather obsessive blog-reading habits, I rarely venture to comment on the things I really enjoy (and there are so many!) Call it blog-shyness if you will...even if it seems decidedly silly.

ANYWAY...project-wise 2011 has wandered in with quite a bit of flair - I have the honor of working on some promo material for the Edwardian Ball that is coming up soon, and below is the very first (completed!) postcard of the year for the Edwardian Vendor Bazaar to be held on January 22nd. I have been itching to make some paper dolls for a while now, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity:

5 x 7 inches.
As always, can't wait to see it in print!


Anonymous said...

Those paper dolls are going to look amazing in print! It seems like the very texture and palette of the Edwardian Ball is perfectly suited to your artistic style. It just looks great!

I think if you religiously watch blogs but never comment, that makes you a lurker. ^_-

I hope everything settles nicely for you in the Bay Area. It's a wonderful place to be, and I remember it fondly from my massage school days. I hope you'll be able to live and thrive there!

Happy New Year, Natasha!

Jsun said...

lurk or not, it would be rare to not be transmissive to some degree.
i know now why my housemate passed on the link... again i take a bow to synergy... me likelike