Thursday, May 3, 2012


Whew...what a whirlwind the past couple of months have been!

This Spring has brought about much change and much good news. As usual, I'm pathetically behind on my blogging (I've been meaning to share my pictures of the Edwardian Ball AND of the opening of SWIM BLINK GLOW), but I will be catching up in the next couple of days, so hopefully I will be able to think of my blog with slightly less guilt after that (hah.)

I suppose the biggest news is that I will be attending an MFA program in Theatrical/Costume Design at the University of Oregon in the fall - an opportunity I am tremendously excited about and very grateful for. I can't really think of a better program or a better University for my interests, which feels incredible.

In connection to this, I very very recently relocated to Eugene, Oregon. My adventures in San Francisco deserve their very own chapter, but the past several weeks of saying goodbye to the city were probably some of the best of my entire time there. I had the opportunity to see some incredible performances before leaving, which I would like to briefly highlight here because they were so impactful. Specifically, Capacitor's Okeanos at the Fort Mason Center, was amazing in its combination of dance, circus arts, and science. Another highlight was definitely seeing Alonzo King's Scheherazade, which completely blew me away - the dancers, the choreography, the design, the score, just everything - was excellent. I think I spent most of the performance with my jaw somewhere on the floor. I also had a chance to visit an exhibition called "The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant Garde", which was endlessly inspiring. If you live anywhere near the Bay, and have a passion for Victorian work and/or Art Nouveau, please make the time to go. You will love it.

Weary and a bit overwhelmed, with inspiration and stories filling me to the brim, I now find myself in a much calmer, greener place - a place where it is undeniably SPRING in a way that I haven't felt or seen in a very long time (I am endlessly delighted to know that there are probably mushrooms growing in the woods nearby as I type this. Mushroom! Woods! Lilacs! What?!) Oregon had my heart the very first time we met, so it is exciting to now call it my home.

I am truly, truly happy to be here. In the the intensity of the city, I saw so much, learned many new skills and had so many ideas for what I would like to create...but there was far too little time to keep afloat AND make any of those ideas come into being. As I get settled here in Eugene, I look forward to finding a rhythm a bit more accommodating to the creation of new things.

With that, I wish a very Happy Spring to all!

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