Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Edwardian Ball 2012, continued

As you may remember, this January I had the enormous pleasure of being a vendor at the San Francisco Edwardian Ball with my very talented and beautiful friend Maria Thomas of Birdskull Studios. Below are some pictures from that event - I'm happy to finally share them here.

Our booth, in all its splendor. It was an incredibly busy event, so we didn't have too many opportunities to venture far from the Vendor area.

Yours truly (please note Maria's lovely handiwork in the foreground.)

A couple of things I made very close to the Ball, and didn't have a chance to post anywhere...
This fellow got snatched up pretty much immediately after I put him on display, which makes me wonder if I should create more black velvet chokers...

I was thoroughly excited to be making monocle masks, and made two.
This mask below is available on Etsy, however its twin was bought before I had proper pictures of it (alas!)

This lovely lady passing through our booth totally had a fantastic Moomin tattoo...
Which means that I chased her down through a befeathered glittery crowd, begging to take a picture.
(Isn't that what you would do? Wait, don't answer that.)

Overall it was a great weekend, we sold a ton of stuff, got a lot of new ideas, and multiple invitations to vend at other events. People seemed to be genuinely intrigued by what we make, and gave us lots of positive feedback (which is so wonderful to hear after days and days spent in productive isolation!) It was also nice to realize that the more I vend, the easier the process becomes - not only in terms of having more of the necessary things ready on-hand (decorations, display items, etc), but also being more familiar with things like pricing, selling, networking, and self-promoting.

I didn't get a chance to see as much of the ball itself as I did last year, so it definitely had a very different flavor for me, but it was still a splendidly wonderful and inspiring time. I'm looking forward to creating a new batch of jewelry, masks, etc in the coming months!

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-Saraph- said...

.. THat is FRiCKING Awesome ... I love it, so glad to see your progression & all the Amazing amount of work you have been doing (quite busy I see). I read through the whole post, what an experience it seems like you are manifesting your dreams!!! See you along side the majestic Rainbow will both be riding the day we cross paths again... LOeV

P.S... I never forgot about your character for me, if anything I think I became it/him/her more than I could imagine.... would love to see something come to light around this project one day!