Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paxton Gate

I have some very exciting announcements to make regarding this spring!

I will be having a small art show from March 14th to April 10th at Paxton Gate. This is my very first solo show, and I'm so very excited! As I've mentioned before, Paxton Gate is one of my favorite places in San Francisco. There's something about the wonderful combination of science, nature, history, and slight touch of fantasy that is endlessly intriguing and inspiring to me.

The show will feature several original paintings, some framed prints, strange small creatures, and hopefully a couple of new pieces I can't wait to share with you. Oh! I will also be reprinting my coloring books from a couple of years back. The 14th is coming up fast, so I've got quite a bit of work ahead of me.

Tangentially related, my mushroom cards are now available for sale at Paxton Gate as well:

That is all I have to share for tonight. Please stay tuned for a photo update about the Edwardian Ball (which was exhausting, but tremendously fun.) I suppose that should have preceded this entry, but bear with me - linearity has never been my thing ♥

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