Friday, April 8, 2011


This is a difficult entry to write and I have been putting if off for a while...but I think its finally time.

After a bit over two years after its conception, the performance piece that became Rusalki, eventually grew into the Anatomia Dance Collective, and took us all to some beautiful places, finally has an online video presence.

Combining footage from 5 or so different venues and events, most of which consistently came out quite glitchy for a mysterious, unknown reasons, the video was created by my good friend Adam Cooper-TerĂ¡n. Adam has has seen this project grow from the very beginning, and I couldn't really think of a better person to bring it all together. I'm tremendously pleased with how it came out, and very excited to share it with you at last:

Its interesting to think how powerful this piece was - in many ways, it let me back into the world of performance and dance after a long and painful break, and I know that my path to San Francisco and my life here would be very, very different without it. I'm so grateful for the people I had the honor of working, traveling, and performing with under the guise of the Anatomia Dance Collective, and for the amazing things we were able to do together.

That said, I am also grateful to lay this piece - and my role in the Anatomia Dance Collective - to rest. Rusalki marked many transformations in my life, and opened doors that I never could have foreseen...but now, those transformations are complete, and I have walked through those doors, and I know that its time to let go. I am no longer officially a part of the Anatomia Dance Collective, though I wish them well, and look forward to potential collaborations in the future.

...What's next?

Well, most of all, I'd like to continue creating characters, performances, and events...drawing and building and dancing and performing - working with other artists, with new technologies, new ideas, and new audiences. A very specific performance piece has been spinning in my head for over a year now with amazing clarity (usually a good sign), so I am currently looking for dancers and venues in San Francisco that I can work with to bring it to life.

Also, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how I represent myself online, and where I'd like to go as an artist/performer. There's a lot of thoughts and words there -- thoughts and words that will probably bring a considerable amount of change with them in time. There's also a couple of other projects I would love to mention and share with you...well, you know, isn't that usually how it goes?

...But for tonight, this will be all.

Good night, Anatomia, and good night, Rusalki.

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