Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Masquerade Ball, etc

Hello, dearest long-abandoned blog! First off, a very happy 2010 to everybody!

The past month or so has been incredibly busy for me, and I look forward to posting about all of the various projects I have been involved in as well as new thoughts & directions on the horizon. The most current project that I'm working on is organizing a Winter Masquerade Ball with the anaTomia Dance Collective:

(artwork by Maria Thomas, layout by me.)

As you can see, the Masquerade is coming up quite soon (next Saturday, eep!) so we are busy making the final preparations, checking in with DJs, musicians, performers, and all of the other people that are helping to make this possible.

You can get more details at:


Many thanks to Daniel Anderson of Proteus Creative who made that site for us, and is awesome and amazing and wonderful (but not just for reasons related to web design or art :)

The premise of the Masquerade is analog vs. digital...or perhaps nature vs. technology. The date of January 23rd is the cusp between Aquarius (intuitive knowledge, organic growth) and Capricorn (rationality, linear thought.) Although we didn't really plan for it fall on that date, it did coincide nicely with our aesthetic. We've got two warehouses spaces which we will be using for the event: one as a magical frozen winter forest, and the other as an industrial post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout space (also the practice space of the band Ensphere/the venue Plexus.)

The industrial warehouse will have DJs and dancing, and the forest warehouse will have live acts and a chill area. The idea was to provide a venue for people to transform themselves through elaborate costumes, and BE transformed by the environments we create. I've been jealously eying events like San Francisco's Annual Edwardian Ball for years now, and am tremendously excited to have something of (hopefully) a comparable caliber in Tucson.

I most certainly hope to see you there in your finest and most elaborate masquerade attire :]

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