Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here is some very beautiful footage of this year's All Souls Procession:

I was up on the crane this time, with my fellow aerialists with the lights at the end of our antennae. I had no idea how amazing we looked until I saw this video.

I was much more involved this year than ever before - between all the rehearsals, costume-makings, planning, and procuring the right kind of equipment I barely had time to appreciate the usual magic that accompanies this event for me. But looking back at some of the photos and videos I've been finding and hearing people's reactions to it I realize that it was just as magical and amazing as ever.

I've been spending a tremendous amount of time fretting about the near future - jobs, money, moving, etc. I worry about how I'm not doing enough, how I'm not challenged, I'm not growing, I'm not good enough, Tucson isn't enough. Yet watching this video reminded me that I AM doing amazing things, learning, growing...and I am very lucky to work with and train under Flam Chen. I'm looking forward to the next couple of months.

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