Friday, August 8, 2008

The actual cards look like this:

Reproductions messed up the colors & the alignment, so I had to re-cut them. Ick.


.eva said...

I would like to see the type in a different color. Especially the title and the dots ;D
Maybe repeating one of the colors from the illustration on the title, and possibly doing 3 colors on the dots (one color each? just like the earrings!)
The rest of the type could be gray (70%) or dark violet/purple like the spheres?
I think you're names should stand a little more, CAPS? semibold? one point bigger?
On the phone number you could do 520.622.5858 -use dots/periods instead of dashes, hehe.

Wow, that was intense, haha...I know you are usually set on your ideas :P

Just myyyy know I always have something to say! haha

natalya kolosowsky said...

eva - thanks for your comments! this is just the jpg version, the actual printed postcard pretty much has all of your corrections on it :D

its 80% gray with the title in a different color, and larger names. haha.